KYKON LTD was founded in 1963 by Panayiotis Constantinou as a contracting company. Throughout its 50+-year history KYKON has played a leading role in the heavy construction and infrastructure industry of Cyprus, being one of the leading contractors during the construction boom after the independence and gradually transferring its focus to becoming the leading importer and distributor of new and second hand construction machinery and spare parts for the industry.

During its contracting years, KYKON was one of the main heavy infrastructure construction companies, undertaking a variety of large projects such as roads and highways, dams, bridges and utilities.

From its establishment, the company had also been importing first class second hand machinery, that were repaired in its workshop before being sold to the many customers of the company. This business has grown and with the addition of the representation of some of the leading brands of new earthmoving machinery, commercial vehicles and spare parts KYKON has grown to become the leading construction machinery suppliers to Cyprus. This is now the focus and main line of business of the company.